Run, run, run ...

23450 participants were running on 11th of October in Budapest on different distances - included full marathon - in the 29th SPAR Marathon Festival.
 Two weeks before the race the organisers of the 29th SPAR Budapest Marathon was afraid of hail, but Saturday morning (11th October) the record number of participants had to start in almost a summer heat. Even if this warm is not the perfect running weather record number, 23450 registrations arrived to the different distances, including the 16100 registration for distances having chip time measurement. (42 individual: 5700, 30 km: 1100, Relay: 5100, Minimarathon 4200)

It was great to have the highest ever number of international registration (3300). Top Countries were France, Italy, UK, Germany, and Poland. 

The start of the marathon was shot by the major of Budapest, István Tarlós, together with Katinka Hosszú, European and World Champion swimmer.

After the race a unique Folk Dance Show was organised only for marathon runners and their friends, where they could have a taste of the Hungarian Culture and could have an insight to the Hungarian Soul. At the end of the show runners could try out themselves that how the dance moves feels after 42 km, or could take some pictures together with the dancers.

See you next year. 2015 will be a jubilee year of running in Budapest. We will have the 30th edition of the Telekom Vivicitta Spring Half Marathon (April) the Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon (September) and the SPAR Budapest Marathon (October).
időpont: 2014. 10. 11.
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